Unique Perspectives

Recently, Bev and I were reflecting on a shared experience.  As we talked, I marveled at how each of us held such a unique perspective of the same event. I learned so much from listening to how she had perceived the experience we had shared.

One of the challenges of leadership is to learn to draw value from the unique perspectives of our team members. We share common mission, vision and values. The way in which we experience the day to day responsibilities of the organization will be unique. All of these perspectives help us move forward in a healthy direction.

Not long ago, I was part of a team who were working to resolve unmet leadership expectations within their organization. As I sized the situation up, it seemed pretty straight forward to me. With confidence, I proceeded to outline my assessment and recommended action plan. A trusted team member then shared his unique perspective on the situation. It shed new light and provided important insight I hadn’t even considered.

By considering the differences of experience shared by team members, I was able to grow in my understanding of how to be helpful in the situation.

Each team member will have unique perspective on a shared experience.

Take time to understand how those around you are experiencing the situation.

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