For Better Results – Go Together

One of the most comon mistakes of leaders at all levels of experience is the decision to “go it alone” on a particular issue or challenge.

We often expect this of younger leaders, simply based on the combination of enthusiasm and limited experience.  We tend to be surprised when experienced leaders go it alone, because they know better, and yet, there seems to come a point where experience creates a vulnerability of independent confidence that is not helpful.

The reality is that we are designed to tackle life together, not alone.  The human spirit is not designed to go solo.  We were made in the image of God, and He sought fellowship with us from the very beginning.

Consider a few benefits of going together:

  • Expanded Thinking:  The best ideas are usually discovered and improved by working together.
  • Good Energy:  There is a healthy energy that is released when we tackle the issues of life together.
  • Sharing the Burden:  Every journey has seasons of burden.  There is nothing more difficult in leadership than the sense of being alone.  There is something awesome about knowing that a group of people share the load together.
  • Minimize Pitfalls:  Good counsel, while not a guarantee, is likely to reduce the number of mistakes along the way.
  • Others to Share it With:  At the end of the day, we are built for others to share in the wins and losses of any particular day.

I remember finding myself working on a collaborative project with a highly qualified team of people.  At one point in our journey, as an experienced leader, I made the mistake of striking out on my own.  My intent was to “move the ball down the field” at a faster pace.  My mistake was quickly brought to my attention.  I had to circle back to the team and ask for forgiveness and committ to working together to accommplish the necessary goals to overcome the challenges in front of us.

It is much better to go through life together.

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