Are you ready for today?

What does being ready look like? Every day is filled with things we think are going to happen and issues that we didn’t know were going to come up. The physical basics are always there to get our bodies out the door, but beyond that, what does it take to come into a day ready?

Here are a few questions for self reflection that help with readiness:

Have you asked God to be with and guide you today? I have found that God is interested in making sure I am ready for the day in my spirit, thinking and attitude. In fact, I notice a real difference in myself between the days I ask God for help and the days I just take it on by myself.

What is the attitude you are bringing into the day? Take time to choose a healthy and helpful attitude towards yourself and others today. Being intentional in attitude choice makes a big difference.

Have you prayed for the people you will meet with today? One of the greatest moves of readiness, is to give consideration to others in our preparation for the day. There are simple ways to do this that include looking at your schedule and thinking through the people who are going to be with at those meetings. Remember, everyone is going through different issues and experiences on a daily basis that effect their contribution to the world.

Are you prepared for the things you are responsible for today? Being prepared helps with being ready for every day. It is worth getting up early or staying up late to complete the things that need to be done for the day’s readiness.

Do you prioritize with an adaptive approach? Everyone knows that plans are constantly adjusting. Each day requires a new reflection on priorities for the day as well as postponing things that are not essential to the most important things of today.

In the bible there is some very practical counsel about being ready for every day:

o God gives peace in every situation to those who are trusting Him                  for it.
o Be slow to think you have answers for other people, consider the                  issues in your own life first.
o Don’t be anxious. Instead, turn issues of anxiousness into prayer                    and give God thanks.
o The Holy Spirit does lead us into truth. The Holy Spirit does                                comfort. The Holy Spirit does give us words to say in difficult                            moments. Ask the Holy Spirit to be present.
o Jesus removes self condemnation and judgment from our lives. In                relationship with Him, we are free to be encouraging and helpful in                relationships.

The readiness challenge: Adjust the start of your day to allow for 15 minutes of reflection on the questions above for the next 30 days and evaluate your own sense of readiness.