Ed McDowell

Ed McDowell believes strongly that healthy ministries are essential in effective Kingdom of God work.  He has spent his life surrounded by and involved in Christian ministry. Growing up at Warm Beach Camp and Conference Center in the state of Washington, he returned to serve as Executive Director in 1995.  Ed continues to serve as CEO of Warm Beach Camp and is excited about the mission and vision God has given them.  Prior to directing Warm Beach Camp, Ed served as Senior Pastor of a Free Methodist Church and as Dean of Students at Central College in Kansas. These roles have given him extensive experience in overseeing and directing ministry organizations, including stewardship development, personnel and organizational management.

Ed also has experience with many different types of boards. In additional to his involvement with the Warm Beach Camp Board, Ed and his wife, Bev, are founding board members of “Families of Hope,” a foundation created to help Christian families with the expenses of adoption. Over the years, he has also served on boards for the Rocky Mountain Free Methodist Conference, Central College in McPherson, Kansas, Tillicum Retreat Center in Newberg, Oregon, and Colorado Helpline, a crisis call-in ministry. Because of his commitment to Christian camping he is currently serving on the CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) Board of Directors as chair.

Ed is a sought-after speaker, teacher and consultant and is known as a skilled mediator.  Those who work with Ed know him as an “encourager.”   He loves the outdoors and cherishes the perspective and insight gained from time spent in God’s magnificent creation.

Ed and Bev live in Stanwood, Washington near their nine children and fourteen grandchildren. They continue to be active in the support of families who are navigating the unique and challenging dynamics of adoption and foster care.