The Lord is our God

“Listen, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord alone.

Deuteronomy 6:4 NLT

The Israelite people were about to make a significant transition that had taken several decades.  The journey from being slaves in Egypt was about to change upon entering the promised land.  The promised land was abundant in nearly every way.  Good soil, plentiful water and established infrastructure were awaiting the people of Israel. 

In the promised land were also many “trip hazards” that could cause real harm. There were a variety of religious belief that worshipped other gods, unmerited abundance developed by others and substituting ownerships over stewardship of all that God is providing, to name a few.  

Part of the preparation for this incredible journey are clear directions and commands from God with a simple message:  Obey my commands and things will go well for you and yours.

At the center of this message was a constant reminder:  The Lord is your God.  He is one true God.   Always remember your God.  Remember Him in times of abundance.  Obey Him even when other religions would seek to pull you away.  Stay connected to His teaching.  Remind your children of God and His ways always. 

Encouragement:  The same holds true for today.  God is our God.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one God.  It is a real challenge to follow as there are many “trip hazards” surrounding religious diversity and personal prosperity.  Jesus Christ is the way, truth and life.  Not matter what comes our way, there is nothing better than following Jesus. 

Prayer:  Dear Father, today we declare faithfulness to You in all circumstances.  We need Your help in not getting lost in the swirl of cultural confusion. We recognize our continuing need and growing desire for You and Your ways. Lead on God.  Lead on Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Our one true God.  In Jesus name, Amen

Be Certain

As one get’s older there is a desire for things to be predictable and reliable. Even at my young age (58) I find myself longing for stability and predictability with the people I love, live and work with who are half my age.

It only takes a little reflection to remember days of unplanned adventure and unacceptable risks. There is a necessary time for every generation to see life as an opportunity without much awareness of real obstacles and dangers.

Parents and grandparents everywhere pray their children through these seasons of life. In the midst of it is a consistent reflection of parents and grandparents: Certainty, Stability, and Opportunity.

Seasoned leaders seek to give meaningful opportunity and space to emerging leaders while wanting to safeguard the good work that has been accomplished to date.

In a recent conversation with friends in our same season of life, Bev, my wife, was reflecting on one of these young adult adventures we are interacting with. She said with clear conviction that God has let her know that “He’s got this, He is going to see this through”

“And I am certain that God, who began this good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns” Philippians 1:6. This was Paul’s way of saying, don’t worry, God’s got this and he will see it through.

Be certain that God began something good and he is going to see it through.

Be certain….

Am I Welcome Here?

The Church is the tangible expression of God’s presence in this world. In the US culture there is a real struggle going on over how the church receives and works with the people who are broken and hurt in many ways.   

A focused time of spiritual discernment and honest conversation is needed by the body of Christ  about who is actually welcome at church.  There are too many people approaching the church today who leave bewildered, wondering if, in fact, they are really welcome.   

Here are some factors that are important to bring into a time of spiritual discernment and conversation about who is here: 

Safety is not the substitute for fear:   

The number one value expressed by parents today in relationship to their children and family is the value of safety.     

One of the top fears church leadership experiences is not being perceived as a safe place for others.   

The response to this tension is that too often policies and practices put into place are done in the name of safety, but in reality, they are a response of simply being filled with fear.  The unintended consequence is that people who are broken in many ways come to understand that they are not welcome here.   

The challenge for the church in responding to this value is to not respond in fear with restrictive positions and policies, but to rather create an atmosphere that people from all different contexts in life can participate in.   

Grace, Weakness and Strength

That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong. 

2 Corinthians 12:10 NLT 

You and I live in a world that celebrates strength.  Much of the headlines are about people with power and influence.  Along comes the apostle Paul, who was once part of the religious elite, and he has a powerful message for all of us following Jesus: 

  • Please take it away God:  There is some undisclosed situation in Paul’s life that he interprets as a weakness.  It is something that limits or holds him back.  Paul is very specific.  He begged God three times to take it away, remove it from his life.   
  • God responds: My grace will be enough for you Paul: In fact, you will see my grace lead you through this weakness to a point of strength in your life.   
  • Paul sees the wisdom of it:  As Paul’s life continues on, he comes to see this “thorn in the flesh” as something the Lord has used to help him respond to verbal abuse, hardships and persecutions as a result of his pronounced faith in Jesus Christ.   
  • Paul finds strength in weakness through God’s grace:  This is the amazing reality of how God works.  What others mean for harm, God uses for good.  What is real weakness, God uses to demonstrate His grace and bring strength to our life through the weakness.   

So, are strengths a problem for the follower of Jesus?  It is interesting to note that the strengths of Paul are many, and yet, this “thorn in the flesh” is unknown to us. God is not against our strengths.  In fact, the strengths, gifts and talents we have are given by God to reveal who He is and to do good in this world through the good news of Jesus Christ.   

The issue is, perhaps, one of self dependence.  There is nothing like a good “weakness” to keep us humble with an honest evaluation of ourselves before God.   

I have come to know profound strength provided through God’s grace in the weakest areas of my life.  I have watched God bring healing and wholeness to areas of life that were beyond my ability to solve in my own strength.   

I am grateful for the strengths, gifts and talents the Lord has given to me.  I am humbled and amazed at the beauty and strength of God’s grace that works in the things I would just rather have taken away from me.   

Dear Jesus, 

Thank You for the message Paul recorded regarding weakness, grace and strength.  Thank You for working though the weaknesses in my life, as I have experienced Your grace.  So much strength has emerged from those places of brokenness.  

In Jesus name, Amen



Alive to God

“The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you”. Romans 8:11

It sounds to good to be true. The Spirit of God that raised Jesus from the dead lives within me today giving me life!

One of the amazing things about God is that as you dive into the depths of His character, it is a pleasant surprise to find that He is constantly extending Himself to us. Incredibly, the same Spirit of God given to Jesus is given to us.

As I reflect on this, there is this dual thought process at the same time:

Grateful and humbled that God would meet me in this way.

It is beyond me, hard to get my head and heart around it.

Grateful and humbled, because He has done this for me. I have not earned or achieved this in any way. I am alive to God with the Spirit of God because it is what He decided and wanted to do. He even gave me a choice to receive being alive in Him.

It is beyond me, because I am not aware of any other form or persona of leadership that gives fully and completely to others under his/her care. The closest example I have is the love and care Bev, my wife, extends our children and grandchildren. She holds nothing back.

Dear Jesus, Thank You for the Spirit of God. Thank You Father for giving us the same Spirit you gave to Jesus. Thank you for giving me life through Your Spirit today. In Jesus name, Amen